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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Live At Wacken 2007 (DVD)

Live At Wacken 2007 (DVD)

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Heavy Metal
Wacken Records

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    1. SACRED REICH Independent
    2. NAPALM DEATH Fatalist
    3. SODOM Ausgebombt
    4. RAGE From The Cradle To The Grave
    5. LACUNA COIL Enjoy The Silence
    6. TYPE O NEGATIVE We Hate Everyone
    7. ROSE TATTOO Remedy
    8. ICED EARTH Ten Thousand Strong
    9. BLIND GUARDIAN The Bard's Song
    10. SAXON Let Me Feel Your Power
    11. DIMMU BORGIR Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
    12. IMMORTAL Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss
    13. CANNIBAL CORPSE Born In A Casket
    14. OVERKILL Wrecking Crew
    15. BLITZKRIEG Theatre Of The Damned
    16. ROSE TATTOO Once In A Life Time
    17. NEARA Armamentarium
    18. NARZISS Und du verblasst
    19. GUTBUCKET Body Go Whoo
    20. THE SORROW Knights Of Doom
    21. SODOM Blood On Your Lips
    22. ANIMAL ALPHA Bundy
    23. TYR Wings Of Time
    24. ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK Scream For Me
    25. HATESPHERE Let Them Hate
    26. MAROON Sword And Bullet
    27. OVERKILL Elimination
    28. SAXON Strong Arm Of The Law
    29. 2007 Behind The Scenes
    30. 2007 Camp Life
    1. SUIDARKA Wartunes
    2. NAPALM DEATH Nazi Punks Fuck Off
    3. THERION To Mega Therion
    4. VOLBEAT Soulweeper
    5. MENNEN Power To The Bone
    6. DRONE Chainsaw Symphony
    7. POSSESSED Confessions
    8. FALCONER The Clarion Call
    9. CHTHONIC Grab Your Soul To Hell
    10. J.B.O. Verteidiger des Blödsinns
    11. BELPHEGOR Bluhtsturm Erotica
    12. ENSLAVED Ruun
    13. LACUNA COIL Closer
    14. Schandmaul Walpurgisnacht
    15. BLIND GUARDIAN Mirror Mirror
    16. ICED EARTH Prophecy
    17. SAMAEL On The Rise
    18. DIMMU BORGIR The Chosen Legacy
    20. SONIC SYNDICATE Blue Eyed Fiend
    21. DISILLUSION Don't Go Any Further
    22. SACRED REICH Ignorance
    23. HEAVEN SHAL BURN Counterweight
    24. MOONSPELL Blood Tells
    25. DIMENSION ZERO He Who Shall Not Bleed
    26. DIR EN GREY The Final
    27. NORTHER Frozen Angel
    28. RAGE Turn The Page
    29. DESTRUSTION Mad Butcher
    30. TURISAS Battle Metal
    31. TORTURE SQUAD THe Beast Within
    32. TYPE O NEGATIVE Kill You Tonight
    33. STORMWARRIOR Heavy Metal Fire
    34. HAGGARD The Observer
    35. IMMORTAL Withstand The Fall Of Time
    36. CANNIBAL CORPSE Hammer Smashed Faces
    37. SUBWAY TO SALLY Auf Kiel




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